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An incinerator in SimCity 3000

The Incinerator is the basic garbage disposal facility in SimCity 3000. It returned as a module for the garbage dump in SimCity (2013).

SimCity 3000

Incinerators are the first disposal facility unlocked in SimCity 3000. They dispose of up to 6,000 tons per month but at a price. They cause hazardously large amounts of pollution and will quickly send residential and commercial zones into abandonment and the land value will plummet drastically. These are recommended to be quickly replaced with Recycling Centers and/or Waste to Energy Incinerators. They become first available in 1915.

SimCity (2013)

In SimCity (2013), incinerators is a module to the garbage dump. A total of four of them can be built at each garbage plant. Unlike the SimCity 3000 incinerator, these are not as effective. Additionally, it does not produce any electricity, unlike the Waste to Energy Plants.

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