The Utilities Advisor

Gus Oddman is SimCity 3000's utilities advisor. He tells the player about the water and electricity usage, and will complain if power plants are pushed to their limits. He also informs the player about any new type of water treatment and power plants.


"Gus Oddman was voted “Most Likely to be Forgotten” by his high school classmates. He earned a degree in Applied Pipes and Wires (Summa Cum Mediocre) before entering public service as a grout width inspector in the Beezeltown Office of Municipal Brickwork. Gus's ability to understand complex systems and to sidestep most major decisions made for his steady ascent up the ladder of public service. Now, as Utilities Advisor, he performs his duties with unflagging loyalty and provides information based on years of hands-on (and often neck-deep) experience."

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