A growable building is a feature seen in most SimCity games. Growable buildings will only grow on zoned tiles, and only if the demand is high enough, the population is large enough, and the desirability for the zoned area is high enough. Growable buildings differ from ploppable buildings in that growable buildings cannot be plopped by the player.

In SimCity 4, when starting a new region, the first buildings start at stage 1, the lowest density. Buildings will "grow" by advancing up stages. For example, a group of houses might become an apartment building or 2 homes might become a brick walk up. Buildings in commercial areas will sometimes become small sets of shops that will house slightly more jobs than a single business.

After a building has reached its stage limit (3 for low density, 6 for medium density, and 8, the highest stage, for high density), it will no longer expand, unless the player rezones it into a higher density.

However, some buildings will not expand, specifically in agricultural areas. Ploppable buildings do notnot grow either, but higher level versions can be unlocked.

In SimCity (2013), buildings can become abandoned if their needs are not fulfilled. Abandoned buildings are a fire risk and lower land value. Abandoned buildings eventually crumble into rubble.

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