SC3000 - Gray Matter Place

Gray Matter Place as it appears in SimCity 3000 and its updated version

Gray Matter Place is a growable Commercial building that appeared for the first time in SimCity 3000. It also appeared in SimCity 3000: Unlimited (known as World Edition in some places), an updated version of the previous game. Despite being a 4x4 building, it is one of the shortest growable Commercial skyscrapers in both games (not including other building sets from Unlimited -European and East Asian sets), and the shortest among the other two 4x4 skyscrapers, being Quigley Insurance (the tallest) and Corporate Ground Zero Plaza.

This building is based off the KOIN Tower in Portland, Oregon. The only striking contrast is the gray color as opposed to the brownish color of the KOIN Center.

Despite not being in SimCity 4, it can be considered an High Wealth building. In order for it to grow, the land value must be "Very High" or "Astronomical". Once the building is constructed, the land value must stay at or above "High", otherwise the building will become abandoned.

Foreign Names

  • Italian: Palazzo Ghini" ("Ghini Palace)
  • Korean: "그레이메터 빌딩" ("Gray Matter Building")

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