SimCity Global Market

Global Market

The global market is a central feature in SimCity (2013). By using Trade Depots or Trade Ports players can import and export commodities. Prices vary depending on supply and demand.

The original concept portrayed the Global Market activity using graphs to show the price fluctuations per week, month, two months or three months. The released version of the Global Market graphs depict activity in the last 24 hrs, the last 7 days, and the last 30 days. Some buildings like coal and oil power plants require resources (coal and oil, respectively) to operate, and they can be imported directly through the Global Market. Delivery trucks, freight trains, and freighter ships are used to shuttle resources exchanged with the Global Market.

The player can obtain the current market price of a resource by viewing the SimCity World applet within the game or by managing the imports/exports at a particular Trade Depot or Trade Port within their city.

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