The Getaway Van is a drivable vehicle found in SimCity 4: Rush Hour. Unlike other UDI vehicles, as long as your city has commercial zoning, this vehicle will automatically be unlocked. This van takes on the appearance of the News Van with minor differences, such as the lack of a satellite dish on the roof of the vehicle, etc. Although it is uncommon, you may see a getaway van spawned in your city, but usually it is distinguishable, as you can see the getaway van robbing houses and businesses as it drives down a street.

This vehicle is the easiest to unlock, with the other being an ice-cream truck (which is automatically unlocked once residential zoning appears in your city). It has standard motor vehicle behaviour. Also, you may choose to simply drive around, or complete missions using the vehicle, but you will acquire a lower mayor rating upon the completion of getaway van missions, as the van only has bad missions to do (such as evading the police).


This vehicle uses standard car controls, with W,A,S,D or the arrow keys to guide movement forwards or backwards, as well as turning, and the shift key to snap onto roads. The space key carries a miscellaneous function, and on this vehicle, it only plays the sound of a crook cackling in laughter every time the space bar is pressed.


  • As mentioned above, you may see a getaway van driving around looting from homes and businesses. You may choose to dispatch police to its location, but it will simply despawn upon the arrival of the patrol car.
  • Like other land-based vehicles, the van will despawn once it hits the edge of the map, and is unable to drive up any terrain that is too steep, or drive into water.
  • The getaway van is one of the only vehicles that don't turn on its headlights during the night.

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