The fire plane is a U-Drive It vehicle found in SimCity 4: Rush Hour. This plane can be unlocked after building a Fire Department Landing Strip. Unlike other planes found in the game, this plane has a unique red and white livery to reflect its Fire Department status. Like other UDI vehicles, this plane can be used to complete missions to earn rewards and mayor rating (good or bad depends on the mission).

Because it is an emergency vehicle, the player can choose to dispatch this plane to the scene of a disaster, but it is not recommended, since the plane takes a while to get up in the air, and it usually takes several passes to drop enough water to extinguish fires. If possible, it is advised to dispatch a regular fire crew, as their response time is a little more reliable than the fire plane.


This planes uses standard aircraft controls, with the arrow keys or W,A,S,D to control the plane, and the E and C keys to control vertical movement. Note that to take off, the player must press the E key and simultaneously gather enough speed to leave the runway. This should not be a problem, however, as there is more than enough runway to accommodate even a late takeoff. The space bar is used to drop water.


  • Sometimes, there is a glitch where the fire plane will fly around the city indefinitely. As there has been no additional fixes released for SimCity 4, the only solution is to land the plane yourself, should this happen.
  • This plane is the largest player controlled aircraft in the game.
  • On the lot, there appears to be a fire station with several fire engines parked in the garage. This is simply for decoration, as the building only provides one fire plane dispatch, with no fire engine dispatch.
  • Like other planes, they can`t land anywhere but back at the FD Landing Strip, or the civilian Landing Strip.

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