A ferry is a vehicle that allow for pedestrian passengers to get on the ship, as well as cars in the case of car and passenger ferries. This vehicle was first introduced in the Rush Hour expansion of SimCity 4, and they can be unlocked after constructing a ferry terminal, although note that there must be at least two terminals in order for Sims to use the service.

SimCity 4

Passenger ferry

This is the smaller of the two ferries, and can only bring pedestrians over the water.

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Car and passenger ferry

Out of the two passenger ferries (the other being the passenger ferry), this is the larger of the two, and also carries vehicular traffic. Like all other UDI vehicles, the player may choose to simply pilot the ship around, or do a good/bad mission, which can be started by clicking a mission indicator above the ship, or clicking its icon in the UDI panel.

Aside from the cruise ship, it is the largest ship that the player can control in UDI, as well as the slowest and the strongest. However, it is still not immune to running aground, which will crash should the player maneuver the ship close to the shore.


This ferry has the normal controls that watercraft uses: WSAD or the arrow key to direct the ship, and the 'Space bar' for an additional feature, in this case, it controls the horn on the ship.


  • Ferries, like buses and trains, cannot be seen picking up passengers, although the Sims will use the service if it is properly set up.
  • The 6 cars that can be seen on the deck do not change and will spawn in every time.
  • If the terminal is placed correctly, land vehicles will be able to drive in and out of the terminal.
  • As with other ships, the ferry will sink upon hitting a vessel that is larger than itself; in this case, it would be the cruise ship and the freight ship.
  • The car and passenger ferry is the largest UDI vehicle without the use of mods.

SimCity (2013)

Ferries in SimCity (2013) are similar to its counterpart from SimCity 4, although there are only a single variation available, which is the passenger ferry. Passenger ferries transport low and medium wealth Sims between cities, although like in SimCity 4, the passenger ferry requires at least a single ferry terminal in each city in order for Sims to use the service.

The passenger ferry can handle up to 1,000 Sims at a time.

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