Expansion packs are packs of data added to an existing game that enhance game play by adding to, modifying and/or fixing existing properties of the game. Many expansion packs require the original game to play, but some are known as stand-alone expansion packs, in which they do not require the original game. The SimCity series has several expansion packs.

SimCity 2000 Expansion Packs

SimCity 2000: Scenarios Volume 1: Great Disasters

This expansion pack added the following scenarios:

SimCity 2000: Special Edition

SimCity 2000: Special Edition was an expansion pack for SimCity 2000. It was also called SimCity 2000 CD Collection It allowed the player to play SimCity 2000 on Windows 95, instead of only MS-DOS or Apple Macintosh. It also included the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit (SCURK) tool, additional movies and scenarios. SimCity 2000: Network Edition was an expansion pack that allowed the player to create a network of cities to trade resources with one another.

SimCity 2000: Network Edition

This expansion allowed players to play in a special Network Mode is they were connected to the right network.

SimCity 3000: Unlimited

SimCity 3000: Unlimited was a stand-alone expansion pack for SimCity 3000 that featured East Asian and European building-sets, new terrains, scenarios and a scenario editor, four new disasters, new landmarks, pre-made real-world cities, and the SimCity 3000 Building Architect Tool (BAT).

SimCity 4: Rush Hour

Main article SimCity 4: Rush Hour was an expansion pack for SimCity 4 that centered around transportation additions. Among the transportation additions were a new U-Drive-it mode, one-way roads, ground highways, avenues, monorails, above-ground railways, a multi-level public parking garage, ferries, a new route query tool, and two new disasters.