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Expansion packs are packs of data added to an existing game that enhance game play by adding to, modifying and/or fixing existing properties of the game. Many expansion packs require the original game to play, but some are known as stand-alone expansion packs, in which they do not require the original game. The SimCity series has several expansion packs.

SimCity 2000 Expansion PacksEdit

SimCity 2000: Scenarios Volume 1: Great DisastersEdit

This expansion pack added the following scenarios:

SimCity 2000: Special EditionEdit

[[SimCity 2000: Special Edition]] was an expansion pack for SimCity 2000. It was also called SimCity 2000 CD Collection It allowed the player to play SimCity 2000 on Windows 95, instead of only MS-DOS or Apple Macintosh. It also included the SimCity Urban Renewal Kit (SCURK) tool, additional movies and scenarios. [[SimCity 2000: Network Edition]] was an expansion pack that allowed the player to create a network of cities to trade resources with one another.

SimCity 2000: Network EditionEdit

This expansion allowed players to play in a special Network Mode is they were connected to the right network.

SimCity 3000: UnlimitedEdit

SimCity 3000: Unlimited was a stand-alone expansion pack for SimCity 3000 that featured East Asian and European building-sets, new terrains, scenarios and a scenario editor, four new disasters, new landmarks, pre-made real-world cities, and the SimCity 3000 Building Architect Tool (BAT).

SimCity 4: Rush HourEdit

Main article SimCity 4: Rush Hour was an expansion pack for SimCity 4 that centered around transportation additions. Among the transportation additions were a new U-Drive-it mode, one-way roads, ground highways, avenues, monorails, above-ground railways, a multi-level public parking garage, ferries, a new route query tool, and two new disasters.

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