Disasters are events that happen in every SimCity game which cause destruction and havoc in a city. Most disasters are initiated by the mayor, and do not occur naturally in game, although some disasters, such as fires, will occur randomly during gameplay. Among the most common are:

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    Disasters that will be show in the new Simcity (note the earthquake and tornado icons are mixed up).

    Big lizard - This disaster will cause a giant lizard to come out of the ground, walk to the nearest garbage dump, eat the garbage, then tunnel back under the ground (only in SimCity 2013).
  • Earthquake - Rumbles the ground resulting in buildings collapsing.
  • Fire - Usually a very minor disaster, and may occur randomly in game.
  • Meteor Shower - Meteors fall out of the sky, burning up the city it lands in.
  • Robot Attack - A robot flys into the city and walks around crushing buildings and firing lasers.
  • Tornado - A devastating tornado will touch down and wreak havoc on your city.
  • Zombie attack - There is a zombie outbreak in your hospital and zombies attack your city until daybreak.

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