Developer types are the different categories of RCI buildings in a city, there are 12 developer types:

  • Residential
    • Low-wealth Residential (R-§)
    • Mid-wealth Residential (R-§§)
    • High-wealth Residential (R-§§§)
  • Commercial
    • Low-wealth Commercial Services (CS-§)
    • Mid-wealth Commercial Services (CS-§§)
    • High-wealth Commercial Services (CS-§§§)
    • Mid-wealth Commercial Office (CO-§§)
    • High-wealth Commercial Office (CO-§§§)
  • Industrial
    • Agriculture (I-Ag)
    • Dirty (I-D)
    • Manufacturing (I-M)
    • High-tech (I-HT)

You can use Zones to control the general Developer Types. Demand determines what specific Developer Type is built in a general zone.

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