cruise ship is a vehicle found in SimCity 4: Rush Hour. This ship cannot be commandeered by the player, and it spawns automatically from the Cruise Ship Port, once the player have constructed it. It is one of the largest ships in the game, and it is modeled after modern cruise ship designs. The ship is controlled by the AI, and after docking at the port for a period of time, it will leave and try to navigate through the waterways in your city to reach the edge of the map. Once it hits the edge of the map or an obstacle other than small ships and boats, it will automatically respawn at the port.

This ship can only spawn in the water, beside the cruise ship port. As mentioned previously, the cruise ship is one of the largest watercraft in the game, the other being the cargo ship. Like all vehicles in the game, Sims cannot be seen entering or leaving the vehicle, although it is implied that passengers get on or off when it stops.

SimCity (2013)

Cruise ships in SimCity (2013) serve as a form of transportation for medium and high-wealth tourists to and from your city. They require an extension to the Ferry Terminal, by placing the Cruise Ship Terminal module on to it. Cruise ships can carry up to 2000 medium and high-wealth tourists.


  • With the use of game modifications, you can alter the look of the ship, and you can even pilot the ship (after installing extra cheats).
  • Even though this ship does not exist as an entity (unlike helicopters or planes which you can see parked), only one ship will spawn from the port each time.
  • Like aircraft and other water-borne vehicles, no nightlighting appears.

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