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Courthouse building in SimCity 4.

The courthouse is a reward building in SimCity 3000 and SimCity 4. It provide several jobs, although not a significant number. As the name suggests, the courthouse is where criminal Sims go to face trial before being sent off into the correctional system.

As with other reward buildings, the player can unlock it through U-Drive It missions in Rush Hour, or by simply meeting the requirements to unlock the building. The courthouse sits on a 3x3 ploppable lot, which can be placed accordingly by the player.


  • Although technically it should be necessary to put criminals through a trial before sending them to a correctional facility, the courthouse is not necessary in order to have a perfect justice system, and this building does not count as part of the law enforcement department in the taxation panel.
  • Police cars often spawn around this building, although it won't unlock the police car in the UDI mode.
  • The flag on top was intentionally left blurry, to avoid conflicts with players who own the game in the international community. This is also seen with other flags in the game.



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