SimCity BuildIt-only content. This information ONLY applies for BuildIt version of SimCity

ControlNet is an important connection to OMEGA Homes and needs separate buildings to obtain. To get a ControlNet Tower, you first need to be level 30, and have the NeoMall.

There currently only 3 types of CNet Towers. They're known as:

  • Small ControlNet Tower - Only 1st one is Free, 2nd costs 1.800 NeoSimeleons, 3rd costs 10.800 NeoSimeleons, Coverage: 6x6
  • Basic ControlNet Tower - ~42 000 NeoSimoleons, Coverage: 8x12
  • Deluxe ControlNet Tower - ~300 000 NeoSimoleons, Coverage: 16x14

It is a must-to-use thing as well as drones, and separately from SimCity 2013 CoT pack, it does not have any sort of use units unlike drones.


  • The ControlNet is oddly not used by the labs, research centers, storage and the bank.
  • ControlNet is exclusive to OMEGA Zones, and without it, they can not operate.
  • The ControlNet Tower services page plays a consistent beeping sound.