ControlNet is a signal in Cities of Tomorrow that radiates from the Academy. Its purpose is to control all futuristic technologies that have been researched at an Academy in the region. The amount of ControlNet produced depends on the amount of workers, with high wealth workers producing the highest amount, medium-wealth producing a moderate amount, and low-wealth workers producing the lowest amount of ControlNet signal.

ControlNet takes the place of workers in the future, as these new technologies do not require them. However, each of these buildings take up or use a potion of ControlNet and must have enough of it to function. A player can gain extra ControlNet by plopping a ControlNet Facility.

SimCity BuildIt

ControlNet is also available in SimCity BuildIt after you build the NeoMall, to get ControlNet, the player needs to plop a ControlNet Tower that covers an area with the connection within the listed distance.

The small tower is always free. There are currently 3 known types of ControlNet facilities (Towers aka):

  • Small ControlNet Tower - Free, Coverage: 6x6
  • Basic ControlNet Tower - ~42 000 NeoSimoleons, Coverage: 8x12
  • Deluxe ControlNet Tower - ~300 000 NeoSimoleons, Coverage: 16x14

The best one to use is the Basic Tower due to that it's not as expensive and covers a lot of territory.

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