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The coal power plant is a power plant building that appears in most games in the SimCity series. In most games, coal power plants usually emit high amount of pollution, as well as usually having the lowest upkeep per MWh.


SimCity (SNES)


Coal Power Plant

In SimCity (SNES), The function of the coal power plant is almost identical to their function in other versions of SimCity. They provide power, at a lower construction cost than nuclear power plants (§3,000 vs §5,000) and without the risk of a meltdown; however the cost is higher pollution in the city.

SimCity 2000

The coal power plant performs the same as the one in SimCity.

SimCity 3000

The coal power plant is a cheap source of electricity per MWh, but also produces the most pollution.

SimCity 4

  • Cost: §10,000
  • Monthly Cost: §250
  • Power Generated: 6,000 MWh/month
  • Heaviest pollution

In SimCity 4, the coal power plant generates 6,000 MWh per month of electricity. Its maintenance costs are §250 per month. Unfortunately, It also produces the heaviest amount of pollution of all power plants in SimCity 4, but has the best efficiency or cost-to-power ratio of §0.0417 per MWh.

SimCity (2013)

Imports coal directly from the Global Market to generate enough power for even a large city. Also, pollution. A lot of pollution.
  • Cost: §17,000 Upkeep: -§450/hr

In SimCity (2013), coal power plants are fairly cheap to lay down, costing only §17,000, with only the wind power plant being cheaper. Like other games in the series, the pollution levels are very high. Coal can be imported for cheap from the global market and can be paid for easily if the player specializes in coal mining. The coal power plant generates 75 MW per module.


  • Coal Power Plant Sign: Someone has smeared "Clean coal my foot!" onto this sign.
    • Cost: §200 Upkeep: No cost
  • Dirty Coal Generator: For when all other considerations are secondary to cost. Requires a decent amount of coal to operate and pollutes a lot.
    • Power generated: 75 MW
    • Coal burn rate: 4.3 tons/day
    • Air pollution rate: High
    • Cost: §5,000 Upkeep: -§425/hr
  • Advanced Coal Generator: Costs more but produces less pollution as well as making decent amount of power. Y'know, for when you care about the environment a tiny bit.
    • Power generated: 75 MW
    • Coal burn rate: 8.6 tons/day
    • Air pollution rate: Medium
    • Cost: §15,000 Upkeep: -§375/hr
  • Clean Coal Generator: This is as 'clean' as it's going to get, bub. This is coal, after all.
    • Power generated: 75 MW
    • Coal burn rate: 5.8 tons/day
    • Air pollution rate: Low
    • Cost: §20,000 Upkeep: -§600/hr

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