A city hall in SimCity (2013)

A city hall is a building in all SimCity games, and a reward building in SimCity 4.

SimCity 2000

SC2 City Hall

City Hall building in the game SimCity 2000.

The city hall in SimCity 2000 is very similar to the U.S. Capitol building, by the Neoclassic architecture style and the tall dome.

SimCity 3000

In SimCity 3000, the gray color building was changed to the gold elegant city hall. However, it still resembles to the Rhode Island State House by the large dome in the center and 4 smaller domes around it. It becomes available after the city has reached 5,000 residents.

In Unlimited, there are two other variants of city halls available, with the European and Asian-styled city halls available.


SimCity 4

RDex-Nov. 6, 001320781164

City Hall building in the game SimCity 4.

In SimCity 4, the style of the building is change to Second Empire architecture, with the 3-4 stories and the mansard roof instead of the dome like in the other series. The city hall in in this game is unlocked as a reward building by having 15,500 Sims in the city.

It can also be earned in Rush Hour by completing the U-Drive It mission "You CAN throw money at it!".

SimCity (2013)

SimCity (2013)'s city hall is an upgrade of the town hall, once the player has 5,000 Sims in the city. The city hall has the ability to plop additional modules such as departments and signs. City halls are upgradable once the player reaches a certain population. The player are able to upgrade the city hall from level 1 up to a maximum of 7, with the appearance changes as the player upgrades it. At minimum level, the maximum amount of departments the player can place is one, with the limit raising by one as the player upgrades it.

The game brought back the dome design with the Neoclassical architecture , although this depends on the city hall's stage. The walls seem to be a grey concrete, opposite of the stone texture of previous city halls in the SimCity series.


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