A City College is a multistorey educational facility available in SimCity 4, and can be found under the education panel. Like the university, this is one of the only educational buildings that do not have a radius of effect. Like other buildings in SimCity 4, a city college is not required to build a university, nor is it needed for a well-rounded educational system in the game. Although there is no limit as to how many colleges you may build in your city, one is often enough, if you have libraries and museums to compliment it.

As with all civic buildings, the college provides some jobs for sims of all types of wealth, and operates the same regardless of the wealth level of its employees.

  • Cost: 3,000
  • Monthly cost: 1,000
  • Student Capacity: 7,000


  • Although the college is an educational facility, it will not unlock the school bus.
  • A sampled portion of the Notre Dame University's "Victory March" plays when queried in Sim City 3000. 

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