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A Example of Money Hack in SimCity 3000
Cheats are methods to break the rules of a game. It's up to each individual person whether they want to use cheats or not.


SimCity (1989)Edit

  • No maintenance on railroads - Normally, railroads will deteriorate unless transport has 100% funding. However, railroads with electrical lines over them won't. Put electrical lines over all the railroads and set transport funding to 0%.
    Roads not breaking down due to low tax level
    SimCity snapshot of roads with electrical lines not breaking down.


  • 999.999 money - First spend all your money. Put the game on the fastest setting and wait for the tax grid to appear. As soon as the screen turns black, hold L + R. While holding these buttons, change all settings to 0% and exit the screen (don't release the buttons yet). While still holding these buttons, use the menu to return to the tax screen. Raise all settings to 100% except for the tax rate. Set that to 20%. Exit the tax screen and the menu, then release L and R (be sure that your money is negative).

Congratulations! You now have $999,999. You might want to lower the tax rate now. Give those SimCitizens a break!

  • debug menu:

What you want to do first is get to the “Goodbye! See you soon” screen. You get to this screen by quitting the game.

If you always just saved your game and turned off the SNES without actually quitting first, here’s how. Go to the “Load.Save” menu (by clicking the icon to the left of the Dr. Wright icon) and then click on “END”.

Then, enter the following sequence on Controller Two: Left, A, Right, Y, Up, B, Down, X, Select, Start, Start, Select, R, R, L, L.

How to Use the Debug MenuEdit


At left, there’s a picture of what you’ll see if you enter the Debug Menu code correctly. You use Controller One to navigate through the options. Press Up or Down on the control pad to move between each option. Press B to toggle each setting on or off, with the exception of the “Sound Test” feature.

Here’s what each feature does:

Memory: Even though this is the last option, I’ll explain it first because it’s the most important. Press Left or Right to toggle between “CLR” and “SET.” If you press B while it’s on “CLR” you will close out the Debug Menu and lose all of its effects. If you want to actually use the Debug Menu, you need to select “SET” and press B (after you’ve selected your preferred cheats). Then reset the game, and the cheats you selected will be activated.

Sound Test: Press Left or Right to scroll through the different music tracks included in the game. Press B to begin the song. There’s no button to stop the song. A complete song list appears below. No Disasters: Self-explanatory… prevents disasters completely. Even when I tried to “force” a disaster from the in-game disaster menu, it wouldn’t happen. Needless Money: Build anything you want; it won’t cost you a thing. It’s kinda like if you had a Game Genie with an “Infinite Money” code. However, you might not be able to buy something that costs more than you have; I haven’t tested this yet with any cities that had very little money. Valve Max: As originally suspected (and confirmed after more experimenting and concurring e-mails from a few of you), this setting causes the RCI meters to “max out” so all types of zones are in high demand.

[2] Using "Water Reclaim" to build on water

Water Reclaim: We’ve saved the best for last! When Water Reclaim is active, you can bulldoze ANY water in your city, and it will turn into land. It’s just like having an unlimited amount of landfills. Basically, you can turn any landform into “Freeland,” but still earn the gifts that come with operating a real city (you can’t win gifts in scenarios, which is what Freeland is.) If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I could have a Megalopolis… if only I could build more zones on top of all this darn water!” Well, here’s your ticket to reaching that 500,000 mark!

Sound Test Music ListEdit

I was able to identify most of these tunes. Some, I haven’t heard in a long time (if ever) so if you can help fill in the blanks, please do. Or if I’ve misidentified anything, corrections are welcomed.

0-01: Village (0 people) 0-02: Town (2,000 people) 0-03: City (10,000 people) 0-04: Capital (50,000 people) 0-05: Metropolis (100,000 people) 0-06: Megalopolis (500,000 people) 0-07: Title Screen 0-08: Opening Menu 0-09: Game Over / Losing Money 0-0A: Dr. Wright / Gift Announcement 0-0B: Dr. Wright / City Level Up 0-0C: Problem / Disaster 0-0D: City Evaluation Screen / Voice (Good) 0-0E: City Evaluation Screen / Voice (Bad) 0-0F: Dr. Wright / Handy Tip (when you ask for him) 0-10: Win Freeland Scenario (Thanks to Kyle Clarke for ID’ing this one) 0-11: Win any other scenario (Thanks to Kyle Clarke for ID’ing this one, too) 0-12: Lose scenario (And again, thanks to Kyle Clarke!) 0-13: See you soon. Good bye!! 0-F0: Nothing (And after trying to play this, the Sound Test wouldn’t work anymore for me.)

In case you forgot since the top of the page, if you want to actually use the cheat features, you have to select “SET” next to the Memory option and press B, then reset your SNES. (On the plus side, the Debug Menu will be there the next time you come to the “Goodbye” screen, so you don’t have to re-enter the code each time.)

If Memory is still set to “CLR” and you press B while the Star is on that line… or if you simply reset your SNES before activating “SET,” your changes will not be saved, your cheats will not take effect next time you play, and you WILL have to re-enter the code to access the Debug Menu again

SimCity 2000Edit


  • Debug Menu - Type "priscilla" during the game.
  • Flood - Type "Noah" during play.
  • Free money - Use the "FUND" code twice, then enter the budget window and issue a regular bond. Repay the first two bonds. Now the third will earn $1.5 million a year.
  • Gain $250 - Type "cass" during play. There's a good chance this may cause a disaster.
  • Gain $500,000 - Type "imacheat" during play. This often causes disasters.
  • Get a 25% bond - Type "FUND" during play.
  • Get a lot of churches - Type "damn" or "hell" during play.
  • Get a miliary base - Type "gilmartin" during play.
  • Pirate Squid Club - Type "joke" during play to get the Pirate Squid Club picture.
  • Shoot down helicopters - Use the centering tool and click the helicopter.
  • Start a nuclear disaster - Type "gomorrah" during play.
  • Stop floods - Type "Moses" during play.

SimCity 3000Edit


To use a code, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C to open the cheat entry box.

  • Access to all business deals - Type "let's make a deal".
  • Access to all garbage structures - Type "garbage in, garbage out".
  • Access to all ordinances - Type "i love red tape".
  • Access to all power plants - Type "power to the masses".
  • Access to all reward buildings - Type "pay tribute to your king".
  • Access to all water structures - Type "water in the desert".
  • Build for free - Type "i am weak". Demolition still cost money.
  • Convert all dirty industries into clean industries - Type "nerdz rool". It only lasts until you exit the city.
  • Get $100,000 - Type "call cousin vinnie". Go to the meet option and go to "Local Fundraising Event" and say yes.
  • Get SimCastle - Type "call cousin vinnie". Go to the meet option and go to "Local Fundraising Event" and say no. Then type "zyxwvu".
  • Lower all terrain by one level - Type "terrain down one". All existing buildings will be destroyed.
  • Lower all terrain by ten levels - Type "terrain down ten". All existing buildings will be destroyed.
  • Make seagulls fly over the map - Type "the birds".
  • Make the ticker say what you want - Type "simon says x" to make the ticker say "x". "x" can be replaced with anything.
  • Raise all terrain by one level - Type "terrain up one". All existing buildings will be destroyed.
  • Raise all terrain by ten levels - Type "terrain up ten". All existing buildings will be destroyed.
  • Reduce traffic and pollution - Type "traffic lights".
  • Start a UFO Attack - Type "ufo swarm". Choose "Start UFO Attack" from the disaster menu.
  • Turn all fresh water to salt water - Type "salt on"
  • Turn all salt water to fresh water - Type "salt off".

SimCity 4Edit


Press Ctrl+X to bring up the cheat box. Type in the correct code for the desired effect.

  •  Access to all rewards- Type "you don't deserve it".
  • Change city name - Type "whererufrom [name]".
  • Change mayor name - Type "hellomynameis [name]".
  • Display frame rate - Type "fps".
  • Gain $1,000 - Type "weaknesspays".
  • Gain $10,000 - Type "riskymoney". An earthquake will occur every four times you use this cheat (a nod to "F1" from the original SimCity.)

NOTE: A ridiculously easy way to gain money is as follows. Enter the cheat as normal. Once written, press CTRL, UP, and ENTER all at the same time. If held, your money will increase by rates of §10,000+ per second (weaknesspays); 10x that amount when done with riskymoney.

  • Turn the map into a simulation of the "Conway's Game of Life" (gol=Game Of Life) - Type "gol".
  • Hide empty zone color - Type "zoneria".
  • Increase magnification - Type "size of [number]". The number must be between 1 and 100.
  • Make your advisors llamas - Type "dollyllama". Type it again to change them back.
  • Open Animation Recorder menu - Type "recorder".
  • Pause/resume the clock - Type "stopwatch".
  • Remove the power requirement for all buildings - Type "fightthepower".
  • Remove the water requirement for all buildings - Type "howdryiam".
  • Set the time of day - Type "whattimeizit [time]".
  • Show coordinates when hovering over an object - Type "terrainquery [on/off]".
  • Toggle Zots - Type "tastyzots".

Non-cheat box tricks:

  • Free Resources - Build a city with nothing, but power plants, water pumps, and landfills. Never load it again and use it to trade with your other cities.
  • Unlock terraforming during City Play - Hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift and click God Mode.

Cheat EngineEdit

Another popular way for this game is the use of a third-party tool for Windows called Cheat Engine. When you launch SimCity 4 and start a city, you then use Alt+TAB to switch to the desktop. Next, you open Cheat Engine and open Simcity4.exe in the engine. After, you search for the amount of money in SimCity you have in the engine. After you find it, you change the money in the engine by editing strings. It's a very easy way to cheat and requires only limited time to use. You can get a total of over $1000000. Click here for full tutorial

SimCity SocietiesEdit


During gameplay, press enter to bring up the console, and insert the following codes for the desired result.

  • allinjure 0 - Heal everyone.
  • allinjure 1 - Hurt everyone.
  • allsick 0 - Heal everyone.
  • allsick 1 - Hurt everyone.
  • eureka - All buildings available to build.
  • moneytree X - Gives you money (where X = amount of money).
  • orbo - Gives energy.
  • partridge - Makes everyone happy.
  • reward all - All reward buildings available to build.

SimCity (2013)Edit


Note: Requires Sandbox Mode.

Enter these while playing in city/region mode in Sandbox Mode.

Code: Result:
ALT+W Add $100,000
ALT+F Toggle Fire On/Off
ALT+C Toggle Crime On/Off
ALT+M Toggle Health Issues On/Off
ALT+A Toggle Air Pollution On/Off
ALT+P Toggle Ground Pollution On/Off
ALT+H Toggle Homeless Sims On/Off




Toggle Sewage On/Off

Toggle Trash On/Off


Cities of Tomorrow:

Code: Result:

Toggles the level of futurization (Can crash your game)

ALT+N Toogles ControlNET Need On/Off
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