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Cheats are methods to break the rules of a game. It's up to each individual person whether they want to use cheats or not.



Roads not breaking down due to low tax level

SimCity snapshot of roads with electrical lines not breaking down.

  • No maintenance on railroads - Normally, railroads will deteriorate unless transport has 100% funding. However, railroads with electrical lines over them won't. Put electrical lines over all the railroads and set transport funding to 0%.


  • 999,999 simoleons - First spend all your money. Put the game on the fastest setting and wait for the tax grid to appear. As soon as the screen turns black, hold L + R. While holding these buttons, change all settings to 0% and exit the screen (don't release the buttons yet). While still holding these buttons, use the menu to return to the tax screen. Raise all settings to 100% except for the tax rate. Set that to 20%. Exit the tax screen and the menu, then release L and R (be sure that your money is negative).

Congratulations! You now have §999,999. You might want to lower the tax rate now. Give those SimCitizens a break!

SimCity 2000Edit


  • Debug Menu - Type "priscilla" during the game.
  • Flood - Type "Noah" during play.
  • Free money - Use the "FUND" code twice, then enter the budget window and issue a regular bond. Repay the first two bonds. Now the third will earn $1.5 million a year.
  • Gain $250 - Type "cass" during play. There's a good chance this may cause a disaster.
  • Gain $500,000 - Type "imacheat" during play. This often causes disasters.
  • Get a 25% bond - Type "FUND" during play.
  • Get a lot of churches - Type "damn" or "hell" during play.
  • Get a miliary base - Type "gilmartin" during play.
  • Pirate Squid Club - Type "joke" during play to get the Pirate Squid Club picture.
  • Shoot down helicopters - Use the centering tool and click the helicopter.
  • Start a nuclear disaster - Type "gomorrah" during play.
  • Stop floods - Type "Moses" during play.

SimCity 3000Edit


To use a code, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C to open the cheat entry box.

  • Access to all business deals - Type "let's make a deal".
  • Access to all garbage structures - Type "garbage in, garbage out".
  • Access to all ordinances - Type "i love red tape".
  • Access to all power plants - Type "power to the masses".
  • Access to all reward buildings - Type "pay tribute to your king".
  • Access to all water structures - Type "water in the desert".
  • Build for free - Type "i am weak". Demolition still cost money.
  • Convert all dirty industries into clean industries - Type "nerdz rool". It only lasts until you exit the city.
  • Get $100,000 - Type "call cousin vinnie". Go to the meet option and go to "Local Fundraising Event" and say yes.
  • Get SimCastle - Type "call cousin vinnie". Go to the meet option and go to "Local Fundraising Event" and say no. Then type "zyxwvu".
  • Lower all terrain by one level - Type "terrain down one". All existing buildings will be destroyed.
  • Lower all terrain by ten levels - Type "terrain down ten". All existing buildings will be destroyed.
  • Make seagulls fly over the map - Type "the birds".
  • Make the ticker say what you want - Type "simon says x" to make the ticker say "x". "x" can be replaced with anything.
  • Raise all terrain by one level - Type "terrain up one". All existing buildings will be destroyed.
  • Raise all terrain by ten levels - Type "terrain up ten". All existing buildings will be destroyed.
  • Reduce traffic and pollution - Type "traffic lights".
  • Start a UFO Attack - Type "ufo swarm". Choose "Start UFO Attack" from the disaster menu.
  • Turn all fresh water to salt water - Type "salt on"
  • Turn all salt water to fresh water - Type "salt off".

SimCity 4Edit


Press Ctrl+X to bring up the cheat box. Type in the correct code for the desired effect.

  • Access to all rewards- Type "you don't deserve it".
  • Change city name - Type "whererufrom [name]".
  • Change mayor name - Type "hellomynameis [name]".
  • Display frame rate - Type "fps".
  • Gain $1,000 - Type "weaknesspays".
  • Gain $10,000 - Type "riskymoney". An earthquake will occur every four times you use this cheat (a nod to "F1" from the original SimCity.)
  • Turn the map into a simulation of the "Conway's Game of Life" (gol=Game Of Life) - Type "gol".
  • Hide empty zone color - Type "zoneria".
  • Increase magnification - Type "size of [number]". The number must be between 1 and 100.
  • Make your advisors llamas - Type "dollyllama". Type it again to change them back.
  • Open Animation Recorder menu - Type "recorder".
  • Pause/resume the clock - Type "stopwatch".
  • Remove the power requirement for all buildings - Type "fightthepower".
  • Remove the water requirement for all buildings - Type "howdryiam".
  • Set the time of day - Type "whattimeizit [time]".
  • Show coordinates when hovering over an object - Type "terrainquery [on/off]".
  • Toggle Zots - Type "tastyzots".

SimCity SocietiesEdit


During gameplay, press enter to bring up the console, and insert the following codes for the desired result.

  • allinjure 0 - Heal everyone.
  • allinjure 1 - Hurt everyone.
  • allsick 0 - Heal everyone.
  • allsick 1 - Hurt everyone.
  • eureka - All buildings available to build.
  • moneytree X - Gives you money (where X = amount of money).
  • orbo - Gives energy.
  • partridge - Makes everyone happy.
  • reward all - All reward buildings available to build.

SimCity (2013)Edit

Note: Requires sandbox mode.

Enter these while playing in city/region mode in sandbox mode.

Code: Result:
ALT+W Add §100,000
ALT+F Toggle Fire On/Off
ALT+C Toggle Crime On/Off
ALT+M Toggle Health Issues On/Off
ALT+A Toggle Air Pollution On/Off
ALT+P Toggle Ground Pollution On/Off
ALT+H Toggle Homeless Sims On/Off
ALT+S Toggle Sewage On/Off
ALT+T Toggle Trash On/Off
CTRL+ALT+W Increases hour earning by §5000

Cities of TomorrowEdit

Code: Result:
ALT+U Toggles the level of futurization (Can crash your game)
ALT+N Toggles ControlNet Need On/Off

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