Anchorage (SC3000)

Here is Anchorage a few decades after it was founded. the 3 federal buildings stand out amongst all the other buildings.

This is a strategy Guide for The simcity of Central-Anchorage. on all 3 Simcity 3000 versions. either 1999, 2000 or even 2001 released in 2005.[citation needed]


Downtown and near areas. in terms of politics it was all politically united in the year 1950 part of a south central sub-state. at some point by the year 1960 these sub-states (called judicial divsions) were broken up and then Electorial districts were used. From 1960 to 1970 the whole city region map stayed politically united first passing from South Central alaska then on to Anchorage. some time after 1960 the land breaks off of anchorage and becomes part of Matanuska-Susitna Borough.. In 1964 the great Earth quake of Anchorage  occured much of the damage was located off the map, the entire neighborhood of Girdwood got destroyed and reclaimed by the sea.  The earthquake also created a series of small hills and ridges thoughout the city that needed to be leveled out in order to rebuild the city, this is becasue in the game you cant build on hill sides.  At some point by the 1970 census the village of point mckinsee on the other side of Knik Arm was lost to Matanuska-Susitna Borough. So in the present times ,the region you play in this city-build includes parts of more than county or borough. Sometime After 1960 to 2010 the side of the river (Knik Arm) includinng point mckinsee becomes uninhabited not to be re-inhabited till about 2010 after which time has a population of about 500 people.  The population was 25 in the 1960 census which was the minimal for named settlments listing in the census. any populated place less than 25 people was just remaider of the total for boroughs and the State it self.  .


3 federal buildings are plated in January 1900 using the plop mode. They give 3000 something commercial jobs also a dozen hotels are plated. use the relax motel building for your hotels. having the hotels also will give a couple thousand more commercial jobs. Comercial taxes are then hiked to 22% the highest possible till the year 1949. 49 years of iron rule. in the year 1950 the central anchorage population explodes to about 60,000 people.

build your first residential in the year 1914 this is the year Anchorage was really founded so it actually started having residents.

-rail road city-

this city is unique in that it is both Alaskan and a railroad city. Only one other city has this feature and that is Fairbanks,Alaska for simcity 4. interestingly there are 2 different regions of Anchorage for simcity 4 there's a downtown and a north border one. one thing to note about the railroad is even though it does have a passenger carring ability its not like the light rail transit you would find in cleveland ohio or chicago. in fact the passanger aspect of the rail road in Alaska more resembles the Amtrak system in the lower 48 states .that is to say the when the train has to make a stop it each city only has one or two train stations rather then one in each neighborhood.

Military bases

Much of the north lands of the Downtown map for simcity 3000 are only 2 properties of government. they are military bases. in my best understanding the best ways to build these are to plat a military base in where ever you see a landing strip. and because you see a landing strip inside of that big 10 by 10 tile lot this means the building will have an airstrip inside of it. so you drop it instide of a landingstrip in real life then do your best to zone the rest of the base which is like a large nature reservation. but be-forwarned in the year 1970 military bases can now be in censuses as of this decade.

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