Requirements: A mission requiring the Police Chopper

Reward: +110 Mayor Rating

Walkthrough: If you start off with the chopper in action than it will give you an advantage, normally the crook will be either halfway, across the city or near a Connection Exit. If the crook is halfway it will try to circle around before heading to the nearby connection exit. If the crook is across the city, you better catch up and spot him, if the Crook is near a Connection Exit than it will circle around the entire area that's near the exit before leaving the map. Your objective is to catch up with the crook and aim the spot light on the vehicle before the crook leaves the city.

Once you catch up to the crook you must aim the spotlight on the crook for a certain amount of time (estimated about 4-5 secs) before the mission is complete.

Instant Failure: 

  • The crook reaches the Connection exit before you reach him
  • The crook despawns (normally for half-way and across city)
  • Or the timer of the mission runs out.

Note: The crook has a certain timer of spawn before it will despawn, its better to follow city streets to gain much speed, and watch out for skyscrapers as Skyscrapers makes the chopper stall and moves around delaying the time. [[Category:Mission (SimCity 4)]]

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