An exclusive SimCity Societies/Destination Disaster,

A large giant robot is summoned onto the field. Unlike in SimCity 4 the robot spawns way beyond the map and travels to the city. You can tell if the robot is near by either click the disaster ! when it fills in (wont fill in unless its near the city borders map) Or by scoping the borders until you see the screen shaking violently. Unlike in SimCity 4, Trees are not affected by the robot. The robot will then enter the city border map and travel to a RANDOM location in the city, even it means the target is on the opposite side of the city. It will travel across destroying buildings that are in his path and damaging buildings around it, (an estimated guess about 2-3 road squares around the destroyed building is damaged and its raised up to 20–40 hours, 40–50 hours that's closer to robot or destroyed building). Once the robot is close to its target, it will stop have its burger platter aim up and fire a laser. The laser will flatten any building its aimed at (not affects the buildings that are caught in the laser). It will then shut off (lowering its head) and the burger will open revealing a one-eye blue alien scoping around the carnage it caused. It will then close up and the robot comes online to head to a different target. Once it reaches the number of "laser destroyed" buildings the robot will then leave. Like its counterpart from SimCity 4 and the Ornithisarus the disaster icon will not vanish until the robot leaves the whole map.

Like all other Societies Disasters they cannot be controlled by the player.

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