Boutiques are a series of high wealth commercial service buildings created by Maxis, and is availabe in many SimCity titles, most notably SimCity 4. Like other Maxis-made buildings, nightlighting is present, as well as the ability to change the building's name. Boutiques in game are consistent with their real-life counterparts, which are also small businesses that sell clothing or other specialized merchandise.

SimCity 3000

Although the businesses may not be directly named boutiques, the business itself is present in the game, under a different company name, if they are not named as boutiques. They appear in areas with high land value.

SimCity 4

With fifteen variations of this building in an unmodified game, it is one of the most common commercial business available in SimCity 4. The actual size of the building varies; sizes range from small stores to modestly-sized skyscrapers, and because of their wide variation, they are seen commonly during gameplay. Assuming there are no modifications (mods) in the game, the stages for the building boutiques will range from stage 1 to stage 5. The number of jobs these buildings provide range from as few as 9 jobs to 171 jobs in the modestly-sized skyscraper.