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The big lizard is one of the disasters in SimCity (2013). the lizard will rise from the ground walking to the garbage dump, destroying buildings in its path. it will then eat some garbage then tunnel into the ground.

SimCity Creator (Wii)

The big lizard appears in SimCity (Wii). It will walk around an area of your city and destroy buildings under it. It can breathe fire which also destroys buildings. The player can spawn one with the disasters menu or it can happen randomly, although there's a low chance it will happen on its own.


  • It is noticed that when it summoned by the player it will not eat garbage. Still needs more testing.
  • Strangely the big lizard seems to be made out of parts from the 2008 Maxis game, Spore.[citation needed]
  • A garbage dump can be placed in front of it allowing it to eat the garbage in the newly placed dump, this will cause it to retreat underground. This strategy is helpful for protecting building more expensive than garbage dumps such as HQs and specialization buildings.

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