AutoSaurus Wrecks is a disaster available in every title since SimCity 4, added in the Rush Hour expansion. It forms from vehicles that it gathers while it spawns, and has the ability to destroy all structures in its surrounding area.

Process of Forming

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AutoSaurus Wrecks destroying a city in Simcity 4

This special summoned creature can swamp up cars in the immediate area (does not work with cars spawned later on the road, it only works with the cars that are already there when the creature is summoned). During this event the autosaurus takes few minutes to spawn but once it's finished the animation and is fully active, structures in the immediate surrounding area (including trees) will be flattened by the resulting earthquake it releases (possibly due to the fact that the creature was in mid-air while being formed, causing destructive vibrations when it lands). Once mobile, the player can drag the mouse to guide it off its programmed path to wreak havoc in a specific area, or let it wander around and run its course in your city.

This is the only creature of both SimCity 4 and SimCity Societies that doesn't have a special ability unlike the Giant Robot Maid, Ornithisarus and the Burgazoid 3000 . Once it reaches its limit it will explode into a fireball and despawns (no buildings are caught on fire when it despawns).


  • Although the body is made of automobiles, the process of gathering vehicles is only an animation; the creature can spawn anywhere on land, even in places without any traffic.
  • If the Creature travels off the map it will despawn into a puff of white smoke. If the creature reaches a body of water it will despawn normally in a fireball.
  • No matter what vehicles it gathers when it forms, the resulting creature will always take on the same look and will consist of the same vehicles.
  • If you guide the creature, it will walk faster than if it was left on its own.

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