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Arcologies are futuristic self-contained cities where a huge population is all contained in one building. Arcologies are featured in SimCity 2000, SimCity Creator DS, & SimCity 2013.

Launch Arcology
A launch arco, the most expensive and populous arcology design.
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Sim City 2000Edit

Sim City 2000 features 4 arcologies. They will be available once you reach a population of 120,000 and once you're in the year when they're invented.

  • Plymouth Arco: available at around the year 2000. Holds 55,000 residents. Price $100,000. The only arcology to emit mild polution into atmosphere.
  • Forest Arco: available at around the year 2050. Holds 30,000 residents. Price $120,000.
  • Darco: available at around the year 2100. Holds 45,000 residents. Price $150,000.
  • Launch Arco: available at around the year 2150. Holds 65,000 residents. Price $200,000.

Launch Arco TrickEdit

The Launch arco trick can be done in the Windows version of Sim City 2000. [1] After building 450 launch arcos, a message will appear saying: "The exodus has begun" and the arcos will explode and show another message: "Your launch arcos have departed into space to find new worlds. You have been compensated for the construction."

SimCity 3000Edit

Arcos, along with the Braun Llama dome were originally going to be part of SC3K but were scrapped for unknown reasons.

Sim City Creator (DS)Edit

In Sim City Creator(DS), arcologies will appear in the post global warming age. They are similar to the ones in SimCity 2000.

SimCity 2013Edit

Arcologies make a return in the form of a great works in the SimCity reboot. Like other great works, multiple cities in a region can work together to complete the structure. Once a city in the region reaches 58,000 residents the construction of the arcology is unlocked, the region then needs to collect a million simoleons, 2,800 tons of metal, 1,000 tons of alloy and 60,000 crates of televisions.

The upkeep is 300 simoleons per hour.

Simcity (2013) Arcology
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The Launch Arcology returns as a landmark in the Cities of Tommorow Expansion . The entity is placed under the "Tourism" tab of the City Specializations. Upon plopping down the structure in one's city, tourists and prisoners will begin settling into the edifice. After 6,000 spots are filled, the player is given the option to launch the Arcology into deep space. Upon launch, the player would be rewarded a large sum of cash from the 'ticket sales' of the landmark. 
The Launch Arcology preparing for take-off.
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