Amusement Park Set
Amusement Park Set cover
Developer(s) Maxis
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Release date(s) May 28, 2013
Building(s) Amusement park
Cost (in USD) $9.99
Game SimCity (2013)

The Amusement Park Set is the sixth DLC available in SimCity (2013). It is the first DLC after the game was released, as it was released in May 28th, 2013. The DLC is available for purchase in Origin for $9.99.

The DLC allows to player to create and manage an amusement park, and includes three DLC buildings, Funshine Amusement Park, Wheels of Wonder Amusement Park, and Thrilland Amusement Park, all of which are cosmetic variations, and function the same as an amusement park. All of them have medium tourist attraction, and have the same basic ride capacity of 130 Sims.