In SimCity BuildIt, Airport shipments become available after unlocking the International Airport, Llama Cargo Airlines.[1] Like Cargo shipments, the Airport also requires 3 types of items per shipment. A maximum of 3 Cargo Airlines can be unlocked -- Paris, London, and Tokyo.

Viewing Airport Shipments

Select the Airport to view pending and active shipments. If more than one Cargo Airline is unlocked, users can scroll left or right by selecting the yellow arrows to view other shipments.

Active Airport shipments can be seen at a glance by looking at the Airport parking lot. If a shipment is active, a delivery truck with that country's flag will be parked there.

Completing Airport Shipments

To send off a shipment and collect the Shipment Reward, all items and their quantities need to be packed and sent off. Items can be packed by tapping the +Simcity buildit simoleon icon box under each item, which will reward you with a little less than 14% of what the total items are actually worth at max value. The airplane will depart once items are packed and sent off, or when the departure time is up - whichever comes first.

Partially completed shipments will not give the Shipment Reward.

Manually refreshing Airport Shipments

Shipments can be manually refreshed by selecting New Shipment at the bottom of the shipment. A confirmation will appear, displaying the time the next shipment will arrive if it is cancelled.

  • Paris shipments are on 8hr cycles.
  • London shipments are on 12hr cycles.
  • Tokyo shipments are on 18hr cycles.

Shipment Rewards

Completing shipments will give one of three possible special residential items specific to that Cargo Airline. These items are used to upgrade Parisian, London, or Tokyo residential zones.

  • Paris: Fashion Clothes, La Baguette, Luxury Bag
  • London: Bobby's Helmet, Teapot, Telephone Box
  • Tokyo: Bonsai Tree, Lantern, Lucky Cat

See: Special Items

Shipment items

Below is a list of items that may be requested for Airport shipments.[2] The Min and Max columns give an idea of what to prepare for when those items are in an upcoming shipment.These will always be commercial items.

Building Supplies Donut Shop
Icon Item Min Max Icon Item Min Max
Bs-n Nails 0 0 Ds-d Donuts 39
Bs-p Planks 220 Ds-gs Green Smoothie 25
Bs-b Bricks 17 Ds-br Bread Roll 24
Bs-c Cement 17 Ds-cc Cherry Cheesecake 23
Bs-g Glue 13 Ds-fy Frozen Yogurt 13
Building Supplies Store-Paint Paint 26 Donut Shop-Coffee Coffee 36
Hardware Products Gardening Supplies
Hs-h Hammer 420 Gs-g Grass 26
Hs-m Measuring Tape 112 Gs-t Tree Saplings 25
Hs-s Shovel 4 12 Gs-f Garden Furniture 25
Hs-cu Cooking Utensils 25 Gs-fp Fire Pit 13
Hardware Store-Ladder Ladder 2 7 Gardening Supplies-Lawn Mower Lawn Mower 25
Hs-d Drill 22 Gs-gg Garden Gnomes 22
Furniture Store Farmer's Market
Icon Item Min Max Icon Item Min Max
Fs-c Chairs 28 Fm-v Vegetables 414
Fs-t Tables 26 Fm-f Flour Bag 2 4
Fs-ht Home Textiles 24 Fm-fb Fruit and Berries 2 4
Furniture Store-Cupboard Cupboard 24 Fm-c Cream 14
Fs-co Couch 22 Fm-ch Cheese 23
Fashion Store Farmer's Market-Corn Corn 210
Fa-c Cap 16 Fm-b Beef 23
Fa-s Shoes 15 Fast Food Restaurant
Fa-w Watch 1 8 Ff-ic Ice Cream Sandwich 24
Fa-bs Business Suits 1 2 Ff-p Pizza 22
Fashion Store-Backpack Backpack 2 9 Ff-b Burgers 12
Home Appliances Ff-cf Cheese Fries12
Ha-bb BBQ Grill 12 Ff-lb Lemonade Bottle 12
Ha-r Refrigerator 2 2 Fast Food Restaurant-Popcorn Popcorn 1 ?
Ha-ls Lighting System 24
Ha-t TV 23
Home Appliances-Microwave Oven Microwave Oven 3 3


  2. Data collected from 9th April, 2015 to 21st September, 2015. Game version from 1.2.28 to 1.5.7. City population from 457,882 to 1,010,896. Level from 22 to 27.